Relationship-Building Skills for Auditors

What you will gain from this seminar:

  • Learn to quickly identify your audit customer’s personality style and adapt your behavior to communicate more effectively
  • Practice what you learn in skill-building exercise
Who should attend:
  • Auditors at all experience levels
  • No prerequisites


One-day Seminar Outline

Communication Styles A More Powerful Audit Tool Than Your PC
- Communication style diagnostic to identify your own style
- Communication style clues to quickly identify your customer’s style
- Conflicting and complimentary styles – personality clash or effective working relationship
- How to tailor your opening meeting to your audit customer’s style
- How to tailor your presentation of an audit finding to your audit customer’s style
- Using styles to work with your fellow auditors`

Interviewing Skills
- Elements of the interview
- Planning the interview
- Types of interview questions:

  • Open/closed-ended
  • Biased/unbiased
- Opening, the interview
- Conducting the interview
- Closing the interview
- Documenting and evaluating the interview
- Audit simulation: Role play initial interview with audit customer

Participative Reporting
- The five attribute approach to developing audit findings
- Form for developing and reporting audit findings
- How to develop the recommendation
with your customer
- Eight difficult audit customers, and strategies for dealing with each

- Audit Simulation: Role-play participative discussion to develop recommendation with a difficult customer